Open IDEO is the non-profit arm of IDEO, a creativity consulting firm.  Open IDEO is where they crowd source creative ideas to help solve world problems. One was how to increase sanitation in third world countries.  Each issues has three stages, the idea stage then the discussion and refinement, and finally implementation.  Add your ideas to the Healthy Ageing Halo!  I have included the link to the first phase:


How might we all maintain wellbeing and thrive as we age?

What factors affect how well we age? Check our Healthy Ageing Halo for   more insights.  In the Inspiration phase of   our Healthy Ageing Challenge, our community shared stories and insights to  explore ageing and wellbeing around the world.

Now, in our newly-opened Ideas phase, we're focusing our efforts on designing ideas that inspire active living, nurture intergenerational relationships, create healthy environments and more.

There are lots of great ways to get involved: first, check out these handy tips to kickstart your thinking. Then, head over to our Ideas phase to chime in on the conversation, add your own idea, or even create a virtual team. You can also host a challenge OpenSTORM using our Brainstorm in a Box toolkit.

With so many opportunities to collaborate in this challenge, we hope you'll join the fun. What are your ideas to maintain wellbeing and thrive as we age? | Where people design better, together |

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Program Associate, Center For Consumer Engagement In Health Innovation

Created by Janet Umenta May 13, 2019 at 8:49am. Last updated by Janet Umenta May 13.

Program Associate Maimonides Medical Center Brooklyn, NY

Created by Janet Umenta May 10, 2019 at 5:30am. Last updated by Janet Umenta May 10.


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