MyHealth Career Navigator (MyHCN) was developed in response to feedback from individuals interested in health careers that they need greater assistance to make sound career and educational choices and achieve their goals. There are so many exciting health career options, including some you are not even aware of, that could become part your authentic health career path. However it can be daunting to choose and make the right moves. There is a lot of pressure and difficulty, particularly before or after graduation and given the challenging economy, to make the right choices and then secure a job or entry into graduate school. 

MyHealth Career Navigator is based on a proven 9 step health career planning framework and tools developed and used by the Founder, Jeff Oxendine, over the past 25 years to help thousands of undergraduate and graduate students and other health career candidates choose and successfully pursue their authentic health careers. Mr. Oxendine also used this model to create his own authentic and successful health career journey. MyHCN’s workshops and on-line resources are based on inside tips from health employers, health professions schools and successful professionals in the fields you want to pursue.

A sample of comments from participants in Mr. Oxendine’s previous career planning workshops include:

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