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MyHealth Career Navigator assists students, recent graduates and career changers to discover and successfully pursue your authentic health career and educational path. Your authentic path is the one that best suits your talents, passions, goals and life circumstances. It may not be the one that is the most prestigious or popular or the one your friends are pursuing. It may also not be the one that your family or advisors understand or support. MyHealth Career Navigator empowers you with proven knowledge, tools and support to:

  • Explore your health career and educational options and make well-informed choices aligned with your authentic path;
  • Develop and act on a customized individual career and educational action plan with tangible steps for you to advance from where you are to where you want to be;
  • Strengthen your preparation, confidence and competitiveness to secure your job or graduate school goals.
  • Build relationships and a support network to help achieve your dreams.

MyHealth Career Navigator supports individuals to pursue their dreams in health careers such as public health, medicine, health administration, health education, community health, nursing, pharmacy, allied health, dentistry, health IT, and mental health, including graduate programs in those areas and related fields including business, law, public policy and social work.

Increasing competition for jobs and graduate school mean that you have to be clear about what you want to do, gain the right work experience and effectively promote yourself. Rapidly rising educational costs and student debt necessitate wise and efficient career and educational choices and make the consequences of poor choices more significant. It also makes getting a solid return on investment (living your authentic, rewarding health career, loving your work and making the difference you want to make) even more important.

MyHealth Career Navigator will provide you with the information, resources and support to make a well informed choice and achieve your goals.

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