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Internships: Get Exposure, Gain Experience, Become Competitive

When I first entered college I knew immediately that I wanted to work in the health field. Most of my life I looked up to the health professionals that I was exposed to growing up—nurses and doctors. But I didn’t feel that a clinical setting was right for me and I quickly became discouraged. I felt that my dream of working in the health field was not possible, and suddenly I wasn't sure how to move forward with my education and career planning. I had no clue what…


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Overcome Your Networking Fears

“When you are uncomfortable you are about to grow” – Jack Kornfield

Networking can seem scary and uncomfortable. This is true for most people—students, professionals, academics, and even experts in the field can feel intimidated by networking.

I recently facilitated a Networking Workshop at the 2013 Dia De Los Muertos Pre-Health Conference, hosted by…


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Pursuing Graduate School Programs in Health

If you're thinking about applying to graduate school, it's important to develop an action plan that supports your authentic health career path, and supports your professional goals and interests. 

Over the last few months, MyHCN hosted a series of webinars on preparing for graduate school. If you missed any of our webinars, no worries. You can view all of them here, at your own convenience.…


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National Pre-Health Conference and Future of Public Health

On Oct 12, I attended and presented at the 11th Annual UC Davis Pre-Medical & Pre-Health Professions National Conference. It supported university, community college, post-bac, and high school students in their pursuit of health careers. Graduate programs in health from across the country attended this event, including representatives and admissions specialists from schools such as public health, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, and much more. This was also a great…


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Becoming an Effective Global Health Professional

I recently attended a summit in Washington DC on the future of the American Global Health Professional.  Leaders from top global health organizations discussed future workforce needs and how to recruit and train the next generation of effective global health professionals.  There are many exciting career opportunities in global health. If you are considering a global health career you should be aware of the characteristics and skills that experts believe will help you succeed. According to a…


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Take Action this Fall: MyHCN Webinars and Course to Advance your Health Career and Graduate School Plans

As summer winds down and school ramps up it is important to continue pursuing the health career and graduate education options that best suit you.

For those of you returning to school, be sure to make  priority time on top of your courses to work on your career preparation, job search or graduate school plans. From my experience working with thousands of students, the earlier you start and…


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Dia de los Muertos

Hello everyone, 

I'm a Coachella Valley Intern and I'm happy to announce that I'm  currently working to organize the 8th Annual Dia de los Muertos event that will be held on November 1st, 2013  in downtown Coachella. Raices Cultura has been working arduously to create opportunities for artistic…

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Great opportunity from Riverside County Regional Medical Center and UCR School of Medicine

** Now Accepting Applications **

UCR School of Medicine & Riverside County Regional Medical Center…


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2 Great Programs to Gain Experience

So I know lately there has been a lot of talk about getting work experience before graduate school.  In Jeff’s earlier blog, “10 Strategies for Getting Work Experience in the Health Field before Graduate School”, strategy #8 talks a little about joining programs that are great for getting professional, work, and life experiences.  But most importantly the work that you do with these programs, whether it is nationally or internationally, is just immense-- your ability to make change and touch…


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Rain or Shine stay highly motivated

Dorian Inzunza, Gisele Osuna, and I, Jesse Espinoza, make a great team, and motivate each other.  Our preceptor has given us free range to go out and use our creative abilities, and I believe its because our high level of motivation.  We went out from business to business in the city of Coachella last week, and it started to rain.  Instead of calling it a day,…


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10 Strategies for Getting Work Experience in the Health Field before Graduate School

In my last blog I emphasized the importance of getting work experience prior to graduate school. Many of you responded with comments acknowledging the importance but asking great questions like:

  • How do I get meaningful experience with a only a bachelor’s degree when most jobs require a masters?
  •  What kind of paid experience are graduate schools looking for?

These dilemmas have been around for many years. Fortunately there are several proven strategies that…


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Youth Summit in Salinas California

La Cultura Cura, BHC, HCC interns, Sunstreet Centers, hold the first youth summit today. This was an amazing experience since we got the opportunity to see our future leaders working all together to make change in our community. Even though recent events in our area of high violence our youth leaders want to move beyond the violence and make a positive change for a better tomorrow.I want to thank everyone that got involved to show that together we can make a difference.

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Upcoming MyHCN Webinar with Jeff Oxendine: Hot Health Careers

Are you considering a career in health? 

Still unsure what careers are out there? 

Trying to discover which health career paths best suit you? …


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Feedback for today's workshop in Northern California

Dear HCC Interns and Staff,

I hope this is an appropriate place to post this. Today's Life and Career Planning Workshop for Northern California was so inspirational and truly life changing. I learned so much about myself and what areas of my life need improvement and direction. Thank…


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BMoC Sacramento Ca

After a long drive to Sacramento from salinas California it wa well worth the drive. I want to extend my gratitude to Luis Guerrero for the cordial invitation to participate in this great event. I really had a great experience. I also want to thank everyone that was involved in putting this togheter, TCE,BHC,HCC and Sacramento State. I also want to thank every one who embraced us as family. I look forward for the next event. Let make a difference together.

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The Importance of Work Experience before Graduate School

In recent weeks multiple people have asked me “How important is it to have paid work experience prior to applying for graduate school?”  Interestingly, I have also had numerous health employers go out of their way to tell me that employees or graduate interns who have had meaningful work and life experience prior to graduate school are much more valuable, productive and impactful. In fact many feel so strongly about it that they plan to put even more emphasis on relevant work experience and…


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Event in Sacramento State

I was wondering about the workshop at CSU Sacramento, I wanted more info if anybody knew about it. Thank You.

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Suicide Prevention Training

Hey all! I'm interning with Santa Clara County in the Mental Health Department. My program is suicide prevention and I'm currently working to get as many people as possible to take this free 45 minute training online. This educational training will teach you how to identify the warning signs of someone who is suicidal, how to ask the right questions, how to get them to get help, and how to refer them to professional help. You must be 18 years of age and live or work in Santa Clara…


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Action Required: 2013 HCC Midterm Reports & Internship Plan

Please complete the following surveys via the links provided by 11:59pm Sunday, July 7th, 2013

***Please note: ALL 2013 HCC interns must complete these surveys***

The first link is for the HCC 2013 Midterm Report:

The second link is for the HCC 2013 Internship…


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Justice run from Oakland Ca to Salinas Ca

It was a great pleasure to be part of something so rich and powerful. To see all the the people come together and run from one city to another to stop crime and poverty. The feeling will never go away I'm blessed to have been given the opportunity to be part of this healthier change in our communities. Thanks La Cultura Cura and Second Chance and HCC.

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