Mindful with myHCN: Holiday Thrival Guide

At this point, you've probably heard about or seen many "holiday survival" guides. At myHCN, we don't believe in just surviving the holiday season, we believe in thriving throughout. In honor of wrapping up 2018, we bid the year adieu with a couple tips and reminders to own this holiday season with calmness, confidence, and care.

1. What we're qualified to do, isn't always what we're meant to do. Oftentimes, we get so caught up on our qualifications on paper (i.e. degrees, university programs, resumes. etc.), that we sell ourselves short on all the skills we have acquired through other experiences.

This holiday break, take a moment to break away from your traditional one-pager resume, and simply list out all the skills you've developed this year. It can be as random as learning how to do a pull-up. It can be as unrelated to your Bachelor's degree as learning how to plan a big party for your best friend. Life skills like these will often trickle into your career pathway in ways you never even expected. Planning a party for a friend teaches you event planning and communication skills. Learning how to do a pull-up teaches you tenacity and determination. Leverage these "alternative" skills and apply them to other prospective positions or projects that are totally different from your educational/professional background. Don't be afraid to explore. 

2. Don't let the family's questions and comments about career bum you out. We all know that the holidays tend to come with family gatherings, which often implies that you'll be getting questions left and right about your future career plans. It can be challenging when you're in the midst of changing careers, still in school trying to figure it out, or even just unsure about what your life will look like five years down the road. Guess what? THIS IS OKAY. 

Family members may ask you questions that can feel difficult to answer or are even uncomfortable to hear at times. It's best to keep your answers brief and polite. Share your interests, but feel free to share if you're still exploring different options. Chances are, they're just trying to make small talk. However, if you sense judgment in their questioning, don't take it so personally. In fact, feel free to even turn the tables and ask them about their career pathway. It'd be interesting to learn what they were doing in their earlier career years. See if they can offer any valuable advice to you!

3. Be cautious of the culture of comparison. This doesn't only pertain to the holidays. This can apply to our day-to-day in our increasingly social-media driven worlds. However, many people tend to have extra time during the holidays to post and share even more than usual.

Try to keep Instagram and Facebook at bay this holiday season as much as you can. Make a conscious effort to limit your time spent on the infinite phone scroll. Remember that what you see is a filtered version of what folks intentionally want to present to the world. It is never the full picture. Social media rarely shows the process behind the picture and the brief caption. The same idea goes for any other success stories you hear at the next holiday party. You will rarely hear about the struggle prior to the success, so don't compare yourself to others. You are so incredibly unique in your own way, and your process will always differ from someone else's. Take pride in that!

Have a positively delightful end of your year. Looking forward to the expansion of Mindful with myHCN in 2019. Please comment below if any of the above topics resonated with you, and/or if there are other tips you have for thriving mindfully this holiday season!

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